People That Hate Police

I will never understand why certain people (i.e. Black Lives Matter activists, SJWs, progressives) hate anything that the police do. They aren’t the right group to direct anger at, it’s the smiling, conniving, manipulative politicians that make the laws which cause these groups to act the way they do in the first place.

If police are being brutal to someone who intended violent harm to someone else, I don’t have nearly as much of a problem with that. Usually the Black Lives Matter supporters are protesting police brutality for dumb nutcases like Michael Brown, who robbed a store and intended harm towards a cashier.

Imagine how difficult it would be to be a policeman? If you make one wrong judgment you’re screwed. Act too soft, a criminal can take advantage of you and kill you. Act too hard, and you might be filmed by anyone in the public and lose your job.

Let’s get rid of non-violent laws (hint: drug war) so that we can have a better relationship between citizens and policemen in their communities.