Why is School Mandatory?

In Intro to Statistics courses, you learn that everything should be assumed to not be true until it is proven otherwise. In this case, I would like to take a look at why school is mandatory for all kids.

Aside from the bullying aspect (I might cover that in another blog post) and just focused on learning, there are far better ways for kids to learn what they need to learn in order to succeed in life. From what I remember, Math and English were hailed as the most important subjects in middle school. Getting an A on a math test in the 7th grade means nothing to me at this point of my life now. Reading the Iliad and the Odyssey was completely useless as well. In fact, I’ve learned that in the business world, writing to the point matters exponentially more than pages and pages filled with vocabulary words that I can’t even pronounce.

I’d definitely argue that what I learned outside of school helped me the most for my career path, 10 years later. I used to enjoy programming, specifically creating games when I was younger. I’d use Game Maker, download other people’s examples, and modify them. When I would show my peers, they would label me as a computer geek. I was the best in the class at Computer Science, and many of the other kids would get jealous. My younger sister is 12, and I notice that she is incredible at design. If she realizes her potential in that, it can take her places. I’d argue that as an adult, we should be reflecting on our passions and fascinations of when we were that age, to take us into our career paths.

If I replaced all the useless time I had throughout school with my passions when I was younger, I’d be in a much better position now. The end goal of school should be to prepare students for real life, but it has instead been a scam forced down all of our throats, learning information that’s not even useful.



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