College Student Mobs

I’m fine with liberals, but I hate the mentality that many have that constitutes of being so surprised about contrary beliefs. Take for example, my liberal friends making fun of Ted Cruz for wanting to get rid of the IRS.

“Cruz wants to get rid of the IRS. What an idiot. How can we pay for roads?”

Me: “Taxation is theft.”

“What? Brad, you seriously believe that?”

Me: “It’s literally stealing. Why penalize people that produce? Why should a person that produces a social benefit to society so much that people are willing to pay him a lot- be penalized more? Why not the biggest consumers, perhaps increase the sales tax?”

“Then there would be riots in the streets.”

And… I can’t really argue against that. Because I can’t prove against that. And then everyone else agrees with his perspective, and still is completely confused about why I think the way I do.

Another example, was when we had sexual assault training for when I was an orientation counselor. The speaker was saying that women must get consent for every action that the guy does. One of the orientation counselors was saying that it wasn’t realistic, and all the feminists in the room were angry, and just refused to listen to what he was saying. He didn’t argue back, because why should he? When everyone is ganging up on you and won’t listen to what you have to say, you don’t have anything to gain!


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