Freedom is Cool As Long As I’m Allowed to Do What I Want

I notice a trend with liberals and conservatives. When they talk about an issue they complain about and someone responds with “what about our right to freedom… ” They always respond with “Liberty is good, but in this case it’s different.”

How about we all have the liberty to do what we want as long as we don’t harm other people? So because you don’t smoke marijuana, you want to make it illegal and ruin peoples’ lives for your children’s safety apparently?

Just watching this video makes me cringe. What a great mom.

Can we make it illegal to be fat so we can have a more attractive population? Can we also get rid of public schools, since it doesn’t affect me at all? Can we get rid of gay marriage since I’m straight? Solipsism is a powerful thing for these asshole voters.



The Importance of Being a Mentor

I’ve always liked to talk to young people that have been in similar situations as I’ve been. I feel like life is rough for everyone, so why not give some advice to make it less rough?

People might say that I would be a great mentor for a kid I have some day, but I disagree. I think that the time that you live in dramatically changes, even over a course of 10 years.

I do realize that it’s been incredibly difficult for me to find a mentor who is older than me. I’m not sure why, maybe everyone has a different mentality than me.

In my opinion, if I don’t tell anyone about the struggles I’ve been through and what I’ve learned, then it’s never going to be used again. And people that are going to be in a situation which I had before will waste time and make the same mistakes as I did.

And of course, me giving advice allows me to reflect. Similar to writing a blogpost.

Stop Thinking Your Superior Because Of Your Beliefs

Many follow a religion.

Many want a certain political candidate to win.

Many watch conspiracy videos.

When I talk to these types of people, they look down upon others for not having the amazing knowledge that they have in order to seek the truth.

It’s impossible to prove these three things: religion, which candidate is better, and conspiracies. So just stop.

When I was younger, I felt not-so-involved in other peoples’ lives. But with the invention of social media, I’m sick of people inherently bragging about their “knowledge” that they know everything.

The Purpose of the Blog… Part 2

Do you ever have the urge to tell someone, anyone, about something that is on your mind?

Many people use social media exactly for that (Twitter, Facebook). If it’s not social media, they are conversing with strangers online about that.

For me, I realize that trying to persuade people of your topics (like Trump and Hillary both being idiot choices for President) is only going to hurt you. They are more likely to choose the opposite of what you are saying, simply because of the instinct.

I don’t get where the need to tell people something comes from. But making a blog allows me to rant about things, and if you read it and like it then cool. If not, then you won’t be reading it. And this way I don’t tick anyone off in the process.

Why Do Companies Interview At All?

I’ve been interviewing with companies, unsuccessfully. People tell me that I need to learn how to interview better.

Is there any difference between:

Me before getting good at interviews VERSUS Me getting good after interviews?

Am I the same person? Do I have the same intelligence? Do I happen to work harder?

If you believe the answer is YES to all those questions, then it makes absolutely no sense to interview. Interviewing would thus only test my interviewing ability, and that’s it. Unless doing well in interviews correlates with doing well in jobs. In this case, companies could do an A/B test on candidates who they think are good and those that aren’t, and see if there is a difference.

90 minutes of getting to know a person is not enough at all either. What’s the solution? I’m not sure honestly. But I’m sick of companies complaining about there not being enough talent in certain fields when they just suck at hiring.


The Key to Happiness is Being Naive

I’ve been preparing for interviews coming up by practicing programming. It makes me remember the time where I first started learning the language that I’m practicing in. I pulled several all-nighters to do those homeworks, and there was a lot of confusion along the way. But, believe it or not, I was really interested in trying my best, even if I was sleep-deprived.

When I entered into college, I was thrilled to be independent and make my own decisions. I did pretty much everything that I wanted to do during freshman year. Even if they were dumb decisions. But I look back and think about how happy I was. As I got older in college, I got more used to things and didn’t really try to do as much. I think everyone’s the same way. But, I definitely made smarter decisions!

Law of diminishing utility says that as you use/do something frequently, over time you have less and less enjoyment of it.

Though I can also understand in a different perspective: Being naive, means that you are entering a realm that is unpredictable. There is some excitement to discover something new.

Now, do I wish that I could do these two events over again? No, I wouldn’t find them enjoyable now.

Blue Pill? Red Pill?

There are people on the internet that subscribe themselves to blue pill or red pill ideologies, and they hold an aura of superiority over the other side.

My argument is that yes, you can take the red pill. But there are multiple ways of life that you can take it. For example, you may take the red pill and suddenly realize that education in the US is a complete sham. You can get skills online for free instead, and be just as employable, if not more, than the majority of people who go to college.

But at the same time, you decide to take the blue pill and still eat highly-processed foods that humans are not even supposed to eat because they taste good.

A replacement word for “blue pill” is delusion. And just because you discover the truth for one aspect of life, that doesn’t mean you know everything.

As I get older, sometimes I realize the fallacies of things that I believed (or simply was ignorant about) in the past.