Blue Pill? Red Pill?

There are people on the internet that subscribe themselves to blue pill or red pill ideologies, and they hold an aura of superiority over the other side.

My argument is that yes, you can take the red pill. But there are multiple ways of life that you can take it. For example, you may take the red pill and suddenly realize that education in the US is a complete sham. You can get skills online for free instead, and be just as employable, if not more, than the majority of people who go to college.

But at the same time, you decide to take the blue pill and still eat highly-processed foods that humans are not even supposed to eat because they taste good.

A replacement word for “blue pill” is delusion. And just because you discover the truth for one aspect of life, that doesn’t mean you know everything.

As I get older, sometimes I realize the fallacies of things that I believed (or simply was ignorant about) in the past.


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