The Key to Happiness is Being Naive

I’ve been preparing for interviews coming up by practicing programming. It makes me remember the time where I first started learning the language that I’m practicing in. I pulled several all-nighters to do those homeworks, and there was a lot of confusion along the way. But, believe it or not, I was really interested in trying my best, even if I was sleep-deprived.

When I entered into college, I was thrilled to be independent and make my own decisions. I did pretty much everything that I wanted to do during freshman year. Even if they were dumb decisions. But I look back and think about how happy I was. As I got older in college, I got more used to things and didn’t really try to do as much. I think everyone’s the same way. But, I definitely made smarter decisions!

Law of diminishing utility says that as you use/do something frequently, over time you have less and less enjoyment of it.

Though I can also understand in a different perspective: Being naive, means that you are entering a realm that is unpredictable. There is some excitement to discover something new.

Now, do I wish that I could do these two events over again? No, I wouldn’t find them enjoyable now.


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