Why Do Companies Interview At All?

I’ve been interviewing with companies, unsuccessfully. People tell me that I need to learn how to interview better.

Is there any difference between:

Me before getting good at interviews VERSUS Me getting good after interviews?

Am I the same person? Do I have the same intelligence? Do I happen to work harder?

If you believe the answer is YES to all those questions, then it makes absolutely no sense to interview. Interviewing would thus only test my interviewing ability, and that’s it. Unless doing well in interviews correlates with doing well in jobs. In this case, companies could do an A/B test on candidates who they think are good and those that aren’t, and see if there is a difference.

90 minutes of getting to know a person is not enough at all either. What’s the solution? I’m not sure honestly. But I’m sick of companies complaining about there not being enough talent in certain fields when they just suck at hiring.



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