The Importance of Being a Mentor

I’ve always liked to talk to young people that have been in similar situations as I’ve been. I feel like life is rough for everyone, so why not give some advice to make it less rough?

People might say that I would be a great mentor for a kid I have some day, but I disagree. I think that the time that you live in dramatically changes, even over a course of 10 years.

I do realize that it’s been incredibly difficult for me to find a mentor who is older than me. I’m not sure why, maybe everyone has a different mentality than me.

In my opinion, if I don’t tell anyone about the struggles I’ve been through and what I’ve learned, then it’s never going to be used again. And people that are going to be in a situation which I had before will waste time and make the same mistakes as I did.

And of course, me giving advice allows me to reflect. Similar to writing a blogpost.


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