Attachment to Items

I was looking at my bag that I used for toiletries while I was in my bathroom. It looks rugged, almost torn apart. It’s not that great of a bag either. For some strange reason, I don’t ever want to upgrade it or get rid of it.

And then I reflected and discovered, that I’ve used it ever since I started my freshman year of college. Over time, I really changed as a person. What I was then, I’m a much different person now.

It gives me nostalgia. All those times I would use my toiletries to get ready after showering… Whether it was before going to a party, before a major exam, if I just needed to cool down after something major happened.

SongsĀ give me major nostalgia. I have playlists on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube, which have over 1000 songs. And yet, I’m sure I remember when I first heard a lot of them. Most of the t-shirts I have were given to me for free, whether it was some organization I was in, or some event on campus.

In conclusion, I’d say these nostalgic items give me a fuzzy feeling inside. What might look like a rugged bag, is treasure to me.