Because┬álife is ridiculous, just do what makes you happy, not what others tell you. Just because someone says you need to marry and start a family to be happy, doesn’t mean it suits you. Doesn’t mean having a hot babe and being rich, it can be playing video games. What’s easier, reaching your goal of getting to a high level in a video game, or becoming a millionaire? The former takes less time, and I’d argue you would have the same happiness.

I’m not saying you should have no job, because you obviously have to pay rent, food, and clothing, the bare necessities. But is it that bad to just do what you want?


We are useful idiots

I can guarantee a lower suicide rate if every person would try LSD at least once. Yet, it’s illegal all over the world.

It doesn’t really make sense, but why are kids forced to go to school to learn things that don’t appeal to them? Why are we forced at a barrel of a gun to give money that we work for to the government, which then gives the money to foreign countries’ governments that we will never interact with? What’s the purpose of working when the majority of it just gets wasted anyways?

You can just go on Facebook and find arguments regarding politics that has absolutely no meaning. The elites, the people that rule over us, think we are retarded. Yet, we blame both sides and hate each other.

Note I said “We” in the title, and that includes me. There are times where I recognize certain things that I┬áhaven’t noticed or have taken for granted.


Where Does the Love of Learning Come From?

You might meet some people in life where they are always trying to learn things, as if they are a sponge. They want to learn as much as they can.

Some just don’t care. That’s me.

Of course, when I’m searching for a job, I’ll need to lie to myself and make myself look like the former.

But my question is, where does it come from? Genetics? Parenting? School environment? I took a Myers-Briggs personality test and got ISTJ, and people of this type tend to not really care about learning too much.

I think part of the reason is that I just want to get to the point, don’t have me go through a labyrinth to figure out what I need to know.

By the way, I wish I wasn’t like this. My motivations for getting things done is bad, but if I can get things done, then what’s the problem?

Treating Women/Companies The Same

It’s remarkable how similar job searching is to dating. Of guys we know that our successful with women, they tend to carry their personality with them for all women. They pretend to treat each individual woman as special, when in reality they are just trying to hedge their bets the best they can.

With companies, I sort of hate how I have to pretend like the company im interviewing for is my favorite company. But it is what it is.

Music is Subjective

My favorite genre of music is chillstep, which is similar to dubstep except it has more chill vibes. Perfect music to do homework or study for finals in.

The best part is, my favorite chillstep producers on youtube are so easy to reach. And the music is free. Compare that to artists in the Top 100 charts, you can never interact with them.

Speaking of Top 100 charts, I went on Spotify to discover new music on the chart. I never do this, but I wanted to just try. And I would say 90% of the songs I listened to I actually hated, and the rest I simply tolerated. Does this mean that my music taste is completely different from the public? I guess so.