We are useful idiots

I can guarantee a lower suicide rate if every person would try LSD at least once. Yet, it’s illegal all over the world.

It doesn’t really make sense, but why are kids forced to go to school to learn things that don’t appeal to them? Why are we forced at a barrel of a gun to give money that we work for to the government, which then gives the money to foreign countries’ governments that we will never interact with? What’s the purpose of working when the majority of it just gets wasted anyways?

You can just go on Facebook and find arguments regarding politics that has absolutely no meaning. The elites, the people that rule over us, think we are retarded. Yet, we blame both sides and hate each other.

Note I said “We” in the title, and that includes me. There are times where I recognize certain things that I haven’t noticed or have taken for granted.



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