Taking Advice From Older People

I realize that I don’t tend to mix well with older people. Specifically, people that are above me on the social hierarchy.

And when they give me advice I don’t take it. Perhaps I always feel skeptical that they have other motives. I joined a fraternity my freshman year because I thought the older guys were cool, when that wasn’t actually true. Do I regret it? Eh… I’m not sure I can say I regret it, because my life would’ve been so different if I didn’t join, that I have no idea.

The sad thing is, if my “older” self met my younger self even as short as 2 years ago, the younger self would still be the same. An asshole that would repeat the mistakes against my “older” self would advise.

I think another factor is I like to learn by doing/experiencing. It’s like touching the stove as a kid… Why can’t I touch the stove? Then I touch it, but at least I learn from that. If someone would tell me to not touch the stove, I still would want to do it.


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