Is multiculturalism good?

RoamingMillennial is a celebrity youtuber who makes somewhat controversial videos about politics and culture. I watched her livestream yesterday where she talked about multiculturalism. She has a white mother and asian mother, and she lives in the US.

The topic of “happas” came up, which mean half asian and half of another ethnicity. She was saying she never had any self-esteem issues growing up, but apparently a lot of people that are happas do.

I checked the subreddit and was completely repulsed. People blaming all their problems on white people, but also saying white is the beauty standard. I don’t think that’s true at all, as I know people who are mixed that have dated a lot of girls. I went to a very diverse college, but I think that mixed races do generally have that attitude and mentality.

I believe in the freedom to be able to marry whoever you want because the government shouldn’t force their morality on people. But I think there can be a strong case made against interracial marriage on a society level. Coming from different cultures creates a lot of conflicting ideas within families I’m sure. It seems to be common sense that diversity is good, but it might not actually be true.

Nowadays, I hate talking about race and ethnicity because people get pissed so easily. We all have struggles in life… I have an acne problem but I do my best to minimize it. If someone doesn’t want to talk to me because I have acne, then I certainly don’t want to talk to him.


What Nobody is Going to Tell You About Freshman Year

I wish someone told me that my study habits in high school absolutely will not hold up in college.

Your study habits change, but this article’s author makes it sound like college is so much harder.

I wish someone told me to go to class no matter how tired I was. Fun fact about college: you don’t technically have to go to class if you don’t want to. But for the sake of your grades, please go to class. You only get the chance to learn the material once, and you will be tested on the lecture material whether you were there or not.

I was told this by advisors, older peers, and professors. I skipped a lot of classes and don’t regret it. Sleep is important to keep your sanity. Also, you can just type your notes so you don’t ever lose what you have learned. That’s why you paid $150k for your degree, right?

I wish someone told me my grades aren’t going to be as great in college as they were in high school. Expect your GPA to drop at least half a point, usually. You’re going to have a lot of distractions in college and a lot less structure in your schedule.

I had better grades in college than in high school, and I went to a top college. Grades don’t mean shit in the real world. That’s what I wish I knew.


Here’s my advice: Drop out. Create as many projects as you can. Work somewhere. Build an online brand, find your niche. I’m a hypocrite though, I’m too lazy to do that 🙂

What can I imagine myself 5 years from now?

I’m pretty sure I already posted a blog post about this, but that was to prepare for when I’m asked this question in a job interview.

I ate lunch with my grandmother today, and all we talked about was how my job search is going. She keeps suggesting I take jobs like being a bartender, or even just volunteering and then happen to connect with someone who can hire me.

It’s amazing how she invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for my education, and yet someone who drops out of high school could result in the same outcome that she’s suggesting for me. Talk about poor investments.

While I don’t think it’ll come down to that… What if it does? I’m frightened to death about 5 years from now. With no entry-level job, I will never get a chance to do anything meaningful in my life.

You might say money isn’t everything, but that’s wrong in my case. I’m not free. At least if I had a job that could support myself I could make the decisions that I want to and live by the consequences. Instead I live with a narcissistic mother that loathes me.

I discovered a blog from a former alumni of my alma mater. He isn’t working anywhere, and from what I read in his posts he’s quite content with his life. He writes a lot of articles on his blog and has quite the following. Maybe the corporate life won’t be for me…