What can I imagine myself 5 years from now?

I’m pretty sure I already posted a blog post about this, but that was to prepare for when I’m asked this question in a job interview.

I ate lunch with my grandmother today, and all we talked about was how my job search is going. She keeps suggesting I take jobs like being a bartender, or even just volunteering and then happen to connect with someone who can hire me.

It’s amazing how she invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for my education, and yet someone who drops out of high school could result in the same outcome that she’s suggesting for me. Talk about poor investments.

While I don’t think it’ll come down to that… What if it does? I’m frightened to death about 5 years from now. With no entry-level job, I will never get a chance to do anything meaningful in my life.

You might say money isn’t everything, but that’s wrong in my case. I’m not free. At least if I had a job that could support myself I could make the decisions that I want to and live by the consequences. Instead I live with a narcissistic mother that loathes me.

I discovered a blog from a former alumni of my alma mater. He isn’t working anywhere, and from what I read in his posts he’s quite content with his life. He writes a lot of articles on his blog and has quite the following. Maybe the corporate life won’t be for me…


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