What Nobody is Going to Tell You About Freshman Year


I wish someone told me that my study habits in high school absolutely will not hold up in college.

Your study habits change, but this article’s author makes it sound like college is so much harder.

I wish someone told me to go to class no matter how tired I was. Fun fact about college: you don’t technically have to go to class if you don’t want to. But for the sake of your grades, please go to class. You only get the chance to learn the material once, and you will be tested on the lecture material whether you were there or not.

I was told this by advisors, older peers, and professors. I skipped a lot of classes and don’t regret it. Sleep is important to keep your sanity. Also, you can just type your notes so you don’t ever lose what you have learned. That’s why you paid $150k for your degree, right?

I wish someone told me my grades aren’t going to be as great in college as they were in high school. Expect your GPA to drop at least half a point, usually. You’re going to have a lot of distractions in college and a lot less structure in your schedule.

I had better grades in college than in high school, and I went to a top college. Grades don’t mean shit in the real world. That’s what I wish I knew.


Here’s my advice: Drop out. Create as many projects as you can. Work somewhere. Build an online brand, find your niche. I’m a hypocrite though, I’m too lazy to do that 🙂


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