Is multiculturalism good?

RoamingMillennial is a celebrity youtuber who makes somewhat controversial videos about politics and culture. I watched her livestream yesterday where she talked about multiculturalism. She has a white mother and asian mother, and she lives in the US.

The topic of “happas” came up, which mean half asian and half of another ethnicity. She was saying she never had any self-esteem issues growing up, but apparently a lot of people that are happas do.

I checked the subreddit and was completely repulsed. People blaming all their problems on white people, but also saying white is the beauty standard. I don’t think that’s true at all, as I know people who are mixed that have dated a lot of girls. I went to a very diverse college, but I think that mixed races do generally have that attitude and mentality.

I believe in the freedom to be able to marry whoever you want because the government shouldn’t force their morality on people. But I think there can be a strong case made against interracial marriage on a society level. Coming from different cultures creates a lot of conflicting ideas within families I’m sure. It seems to be common sense that diversity is good, but it might not actually be true.

Nowadays, I hate talking about race and ethnicity because people get pissed so easily. We all have struggles in life… I have an acne problem but I do my best to minimize it. If someone doesn’t want to talk to me because I have acne, then I certainly don’t want to talk to him.


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